Fire Damage Restoration Services in Miami, Florida

Fire damage can be ruinous and wreak havoc on a home or business. The effects of a fire damage event can linger and stain a property far after the event occurs. Even after smaller fire damage occurs, smoke can latch onto porous materials and further deteriorate them as well as leave an unpleasant scent. Smaller fire events can also cause soot damage, a powdery, black material that is left after items are incompletely burned.

United Water Restoration Group of Miami technicians are highly trained and certified to handle any level of fire damaging event. Whether you need assistance clearing smoke damage or major reconstruction, we have you covered. United Water Restoration Group of Miami, Florida consists of an extensive network of certified professionals. This extensive network allows us to stick through the fire damage restoration process every step of the way. Our network in Miami, Florida also allows us to act as a one-stop shop for services. This takes away the responsibility of finding certain companies to handle certain aspects of a job.

While our technicians administer our fire damage restoration services, they will start by assessing the home and determine if any emergency repairs, such as tarps or boards, need to be placed. Once emergency precautions are set up, our restorers begin with extracting any access water left over from the fire and clearing up debris. After the debris is cleared up, our technicians can begin sanitizing and properly cleaning the affected areas. Depending on the severity of the fire damage, our technicians can assist in reconstruction in Miami, Florida.


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United Water Restoration Group of Miami can assist in every step of the fire damage restoration process. We can assist with insurance claims and return your home or business to its pre-loss condition.

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