Disinfecting & Cleaning Services in Miami, Florida

United Water Restoration Group of Miami can assist businesses and homes with disinfecting and cleaning services. Our disinfecting and cleaning services in Miami, Florida can help a business after a major event or a normal day of business. They can be used by homeowners before or after social gatherings. Our disinfecting and cleaning services are about providing a safe and protected home against common pathogens.

Pathogens like the flu or common cold are highly contagious and can spread from high-touch surfaces around a property. Surfaces like doorknobs, counters, chairs, and tables are touched often and cleaned seldom. These pathogens can pass onto a new host far after the previous one has left them behind. A host can be asymptomatic and leave those who depend on you, your home, or your business at risk.

Our technicians in Miami, Florida can assist in making your home or business a safe place for those who depend on it. Our disinfecting and cleaning services have our technicians comb your property and provide a thorough cleaning of high-touch surfaces. While administering our disinfecting services, our technicians in Miami, Florida follow all CDC, EPA, and OSHA guidelines. All products used by our technicians in Miami, Florida are approved by the EPA.

During our disinfecting and cleaning services, our technicians will go through your property and give it a thorough, deep clean. Our technicians have specialized equipment for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Our disinfecting and cleaning services in Miami, Florida can be utilized to help clean and protect a property from potentially harmful pathogens.


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These decontamination services help protect those who depend on your home or business. Our deep clean techniques can also rid your home or business of dust, dander, and potential pollutants. Not only can our disinfecting and cleaning services in Miami, Florida help protect your property, they can give it a nice overhaul and a brighter look.

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